Which is better, PUBG or Fortnite?

A new epic rivalry has formed in the gaming space, PUBG vs Fortnite. Which one do you prefer and does it really matter? Why not both? Let’s take a look in this video. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Join my Discord: Connect with me:

49 thoughts on “Which is better, PUBG or Fortnite?

  1. the problem of fortnite is because build and hide build and hide and their is one map but pubg has alot of maps and I play pubg on my mobile and graphics in both of game is good every body like pubgmobile and ping PC hit ♥ and good work bro and good video ? ? ?

  2. You were asking why do the games have to be compared which is fine in your position playing both titles but you forget that some people such as myself have not played either and need a comparison to be drawn in order to decide which to invest in.

  3. Obviously Fortnite, PUBg is just loved because of the grafics and fortnite is just for "children"
    Fortnite has more features than PUBg, I know that pubg has realistic graphics and a bigger map, but that doesn't change nothing, PUBG has no LTMs so like at the next week I wont have fun playing PUBg and Fortnite is just better

  4. I play both but I prefer PUBG most, it’s got lots of playability, but in fortnite, you have to do one style to win and that is building with a shotgun

    I don’t judge you for playing one or the other, I ask you to understand that one game is more complex than the other, I find it hard to have one style of play

  5. PUBG has been out much longer and the way it’s been built it wasn’t made to evolve its content to better its players as much as Fortnite, PUBG has had time to get better from its initial launch but Fortnite is currently better and will only get better because it is built that way, Fortnite ultimately is better, a winner chicken dinner never felt as good as #1 Victory Royal

  6. Their is not consistent gameplay in fortnite but pubg well rounded in my opinion like you shot gun someone in fortnite they don't die with the head shot 1 out of 5 but pubg insta kill

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