Which game is easier, Fortnite or PUBG?

Fortnite or PUBG, Which game is easier? Does one of these games take more skill to play than the other? Let’s take a look in this video. Let me know your thoughts below. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thank you for watching. Join my Discord: Connect with me:


45 thoughts on “Which game is easier, Fortnite or PUBG?

  1. I played both and I think that almost missing recoil in fortnite makes the game easier. In pubg you can never make your crosshair stay still. Even if you can control recoil well, crosshair shakes.

  2. Listen..this is just my opinion…I used to play fortinite for 1yr and in October 2018 all my friends and even classmates were crazy for PUBG..I was pretty skilled at fortnite só when I started PUBG..it was pretty easy for me…again.this is just my opinion..

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  3. For what I can see in the comment section, for most people pubg is harder, but I played both and got a chicken dinner on my fifth try, while i have never won at fortnite, i kinda hate the building stuff but I think that makes it harder to master in my opinion, I like pubg more but I think fortnite is harder because of the gap between new and experienced players

  4. Seriosly I wanna say I LOVE PUBG sooo much and 4 days later I played fortnite for the first time it was quite different for me as I am a pubg player. BUT FORTNITE IS REALLY HARD FOR ME as the bullet physics is soo dense in pubg shot are immediate but fortnite is a different story….CONCLUSION—- MINECRAFT HUNGER GAMES IS THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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