Which Edition of FIFA 20 Should YOU Buy? (Standard Edition vs Champions Edition vs Ultimate Edition)

Which Edition of FIFA 20 Should YOU Buy? Standard Edition vs Champions Edition vs Ultimate Edition. How to get FIFA 20 cheap with EA Access and the best deal to open FIFA 20 Packs!

In this fifa 20 video we are talking about which edition of fifa 20 should you buy. We talk about the fifa 20 standard edition, the fifa 20 ultimate edition and the fifa 20 champions edition, this video will teach you which edition to buy and the fifa 20 pre order bonus that you get. It shows you how to get 12k…

38 thoughts on “Which Edition of FIFA 20 Should YOU Buy? (Standard Edition vs Champions Edition vs Ultimate Edition)

  1. Thank you guys amazing and informative video, I was about to buy Ultimate edition on my computer, now I will do it through the game! 🙂

  2. iam gonna buy normal edition ..if the gameplay is good..iam not gonna give shit to fifa ea once again buying ultimate edition and its high price.. considering fact , not good packs,gameplay crap like stuffs in fifa19..so i would only suggest a normal edition for normal players but for youtubers,streamers go n buy champ or ultimate edition 😀

  3. Hey bro's! I'm from Belgium and I tried to get the ultimate edition on the Playstation Store, but I can't find it. Is it true, if you are from Belgium, you can't buy the champions and ultimate edition?? Would be much appreciated if you help me out! <3

  4. Brothers. The best value would be buying the standard version because because with the difference from ultimate (110$) you can buy fifa points in the first day and get 536 gold cards (138 rare gold cards)
    That’s ruge for first day. The packs they gave in ultimate version are better but after 2 months those packs isn’t worth much. Besides the one to watch card is 98% chance to be from horrible league.
    That’s my opinion

  5. I always get the champions edition cos I can’t wait until the Friday to get the game and I like to get the actual disk.
    Don’t feel like it’s worth spending an extra £15-20 for a few more packs tbh.

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