Top 5 Things PUBG Does BETTER Than Fortnite

Top 5 Things PUBG Does BETTER Than Fortnite
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It’s an argument that’s going to last a lifetime, but here are the things that make PUBG achieve a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 5 Things PUBG Does Better Than Fortnite!

#5: Realistic Visuals
#4: Weapon Variety
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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29 thoughts on “Top 5 Things PUBG Does BETTER Than Fortnite

  1. Fortnite is about building with legos, battle royale, and driving golf carts
    PUBG is about strategy, battle royale, graphics, driving variety of vehicles.
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  2. I just don't enjoy Fortnite because the dances are used until the concept becomes dull, seeing as my disagreements in arguments with a fan just gets ignored and a dance is what I'll get. I don't find it enjoyable anymore because I found the dances the best thing but seeing as almost every child or person passionate of it which does a dance becomes part of my daily life, it's hard to enjoy them anymore. That's not a big argument but it is true when I say a dance has no more importance when this happens too much, overshadowed by Fortnite. All I will think is Fortnite, Fortnite at restruants, Fortnite at libraries, it's so tiring.

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