Top 30 Tips & Tricks for Pubg Mobile The Bushka

Top 30 Tips & Tricks for Pubg Mobile The Bushka

A look at some in depth tactics tips & tricks that will make it an easier game for a human to get through.

Its not glitches and exploits, it’s good play and team work 🙂

I’d like to thank everyone who helped me get to 50,000 subs so fast and hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Top 30 Tips & Tricks for Pubg Mobile The Bushka

  1. In Asia endzones I'm forced to snake because all of them are snaking and I dont have a choice.
    12 Players in last zones if I stand I'm dead for sure mate all I can do Is smoke and If I smoke there are a lot of grenades thrown at me

    What tf should I do?

  2. The beautiful bushka…. The pubg God.. This guy has upped my game 50% with his awesome tips of logic, cunning and sensibility… Some of the things I've picked up thru my own experience, others this great guy taught me. I've only been playing 2 weeks and have a great career list of sss and top 10s..i mostly come 2nd 95% time. Just not at that end game yet tho I've had 3 chicken dinners in the last week. The map was my best learnt technique. Distance and footsteps.. Essential. Thankyou the mighty bushka.

  3. This video is the reason how I have become a better player. I single handedly took out two squads in the same round in some tense situations as a result of the tips given in this video. My stats are overall on the rise. I am less passive and ultimately having more fun playing. #Grassdontrenderatrange

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