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Here are my Top 10 Pro Tips for PUBG Mobile. Get prepped for those chicken dinners!

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35 thoughts on “TOP 10 PRO TIPS FOR BEGINNERS (PUBG Mobile)

  1. I have never played PUBG, played one game naked ON MOBILE, watched this, and then i played 12 games in a row, came in first on 9 of them, and was mvp 3 times. The first 4 minutes of this video are gold, and i thank you sir.

    Unnecessary info, i played FPS/TPS since i was a kid (95-now) and i have a lot of experience in survival shooters like left4dead 1-2. I am military IRL and i enjoy the game. I play with a friend. Can you make a video on how to spend your gold and the economy of the game? It's still a mystery to me, but it looks like the crate prices reset once a week. Any info would be appreciated!

  2. You're a little wrong caliber sizes. 45 is not one of the smallest rounds on the game 45 caliber is much larger than the 9 millimeter and bigger than 556 which is a tiny board not even comparable to the 762. 45 caliber is a step under a 50 caliber what's the largest rounds in the world

  3. Well I am lv 35
    And this season
    22 solo games 0 win.
    83 squad games 8 win

    I mean people seem to criticize pubg mobile for being too easy. So I guess I am garbage. And no it's not because of lag. The game runs very smoothly. I guess I am not good enough. Maybe I just suck. And Now I think I am uninstalling it.
    It is too hard for me. I am sorry. And
    I guess I should go back to playing clash of clans.

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