This Grocery Store Will "Takedown" Your Kids…in Fortnite and Apex Legends | Aldi Teatime Takedown

Are you sick of your kids not coming down for dinner?Well your local grocery store Aldi has hired “an elite squad of pro gamers” to kill your kids on Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty in their new promotion called “Teatime Takedown”. That’s right, a grocery store will hunt down your kids online and kill them until they rage quit and go downstairs for dinner. Sounds like a great idea and will definitely turn out well. This is very similar to the bullyhunters if you think about it. This…

46 thoughts on “This Grocery Store Will "Takedown" Your Kids…in Fortnite and Apex Legends | Aldi Teatime Takedown

  1. For smarter kids, it wont even work.
    I understand that dying is natural. I never ragequit. worst case scenario, i woud just play another game. Also, there is this feature called SINGLEPLAYER.
    almost all my games are not multiplayer. Good luck hunting me down.

  2. Hey Griffin, just had a thought: If you had to choose, would you rather eat Toad in the Hole or wear that Game over T shirt? I feel like you'd just rather wear the shirt than live with yourself knowing that you ate something called that. lol

  3. Toad in the hole is a pretty stupid name, but the way you casually slip in "with onion gravy" after putting so much emphasis on it had me in hysterics.

  4. Imagine how funny it'd be if someone hired a pro gamer, and sent Aldi's that gamer's gamertag and the pro just wiped the fuck outta those "pros" cause lets be honest the people they hired can't be that good.

  5. aldi is from germany so i dont understand why they didnt took the german unreal tournament kid rage video. it was probably one of the first "viral" german videos on youtube.
    but i guess it would be too much profanity ^^

  6. dont worry their goal isn't to have sweaty fat pepophiles stalk your kids online join their games and send them explicit messages no not at all, their goal is to get your information so they can then sell your email address and phone number to chinese organizations and indian phone scammers.

  7. When you are such a goddamn fucking shitty lazy-ass and idiot parent you need to hire the shit-ass grocery store to cyberbully your kid so they eat their shitty Toad-In-The-Ho-With-Onion-Gravy
    What dumb fucking retards

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