The BEST Witch Attack Strategy at Town Hall 10 Clash of Clans

The BEST Witch Attack Strategy at Town Hall 10 Clash of Clans
Today we are back in Clash of Clans and looking at the best town hall 10 attack strategy in the game that uses witches. Come back every day all day for more Clash of Clans videos.

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37 thoughts on “The BEST Witch Attack Strategy at Town Hall 10 Clash of Clans

  1. I have a new strategy I've been working on sort of new with my own twist . Its th10 level and consists of 2 lava hounds 12 loons and 6 drags w the drags setting a funnel in a way then soon as they're in range of the first set of AD send in the lavahounds and loons . Also 4 haste spells 3 freeze and 2 heal . With a stone slammer and loons in that cc as well as a freeze and surprisingly I've been 3 starring th10 w ease . Check me out #LR2P22Q

  2. I've been using this strategy for a while now with both my TH10 and TH11 bases in war and farming. I take 1 heal and 1 rage, and the rest freeze. I only use the heal and rage on the siege troops when it pops (edit: which you mention later in the vid).

  3. Echo, on frozen witch, the best use of the rage/heal is for the bowlers coming out of the cart, not necessarily to help your witches in the core. The bowlers just wreck the core when they're raged up and protected with heal. This is a great strategy. Great attacks by 3S.

  4. Wow only 34 comments and he can't be bothered to just like a couple of comments think I'm going to change my support a creater code I follow some people who have thousands of comments and try to like or reply to as meny as possible thought you was better then that echo😢😢😢

  5. hey, i‘m using that frozen witch since 5months now and imo it’s slightly better to replace 3 witches and take a Pekka instead which can at the beginning of the entry tank together with the barbarianking for the wallwrecker 🙂
    and don’t be shy with those freezes guys the most important thing is to keep your wallwrecker and try to drop ur freezes, so they can freeze multiple defenses 🙂
    in the video above this has been ignored at some points 🙂

    all the best c:

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