The 4th Dimension Explained! (Fortnite Cube Story Continued)

Fortnite Cube Event:
Today’s video may seem like it’s gone off the rails, but it is scientifically accurate. I’m going to explain what the 4th dimension is, how it affects our every day life, and how it inspired the 4D Cube in Fortnite. A lot of this is borrowed from Carl Sagan’s explanation and Flatland. However, I do my own math & include some fun stories about ghosts, angels, demons, God, and Cthulhu!


36 thoughts on “The 4th Dimension Explained! (Fortnite Cube Story Continued)

  1. I know its 8 months old now but this vid is cool. Here's a thought provoking question. Do you think what we discover in quantum physics, such as Quantum entanglements, and particles directly linked to each other over far distances, could be related to things happening in an upper dimension? Also you didn't touch at all on WHAT the next dimension is. If we can observe X, Y, & Z dimensional planes, what would be the next dimensional plane a 4D being might have? Some would say Time. Would like to hear your thoughts!?

  2. I know this sounds like bs, but as I was watching this and you mentioned that a fourth-dimensional being could interact with us and we wouldn't be able to understand it my controller hit me in the ass.

    I was on my bed and tried repositioning it in every place possible and then moving to see if it would hit me again and it never did.


  3. I have a theory:
    what if there's a being who can change dimensions whenever it wants. example if it were in the 3d it can control how it looks like in 3d it can look like a 2d and it can change to look like a 245d.
    just like that.

  4. Dude I did both. Got super high and learnt a lot!
    Your video is incredible because I have always had a weak grasp on the 4th dimension, your video has strengthened my understanding on the subject.
    But seriously this was great! Great vidjoe! I'm Hella subbing how am I only finding your creamy channel now!!??

  5. I am way late on this video but on the real, this was one of the coolest videos from you and I hope you continue doing videos like these again. Science is something that interest me loads and learning easily and enjoyably from you is awesome. Thanks drift

  6. If a 4D being would make a Video on youtube won't we be able to see his 4th Dimension maybe we won't really understand what is going on but at least we will see the 4th,5th, or even 6th Dimension if that happens I will be very happy to see that video

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