Shubham Gamer Secret Settings: Pro PUBG Layout || Get More Kills Easily

hey guys
in this video i am going to tell you secret customised settings in pubg that is used by pro players to get more kills and get chicken dinner everytime.
in this video i am also going to tell you pro player settings that are used by shubham gamer to control recoil the gun and get more kills easily.
so watch video till end.

by clashing with Sunil

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47 thoughts on “Shubham Gamer Secret Settings: Pro PUBG Layout || Get More Kills Easily

  1. Bhai ek trick mere ko bhi pata hai aur ye trick shayad kisi bhi youtuber ko pata nahi hogi aur na hi iski video kisi ne daali hai wo ye ki aap 300 mtr kill Kaise easy kar sakte hai wo bhi scrl se without scope jaya details ke liye call me 9041651492 par call karo

  2. Pros dont stand like that to snipe.. And your peek and fire button.. stand straight and shoot huh lmao. No chance to live .. plis recommend me a pro who use such settings
    I would like to meet him in person how he play?? ty plis like and comment… And subscribe .my comment. People like bots will enjoy watching it and say .accha hai?

  3. Pubg में मेप में ऐसी सेटिंग कैसे होती है की प्लयेर को मूव करने पर हमारा प्वाइंट फिक्स हो और बाकी का मेप मूव करे?

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