Reacting to USWNT draw for 2019 World Cup | FIFA

Julie Foudy joins ESPN FC to explain why she’s happy the United States Women’s National Team will be facing Sweden in the group stage of the 2019 World Cup, after losing to them in the quarterfinals of the 2016 Olympics.

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19 thoughts on “Reacting to USWNT draw for 2019 World Cup | FIFA

  1. Women's Soccer is a JOKE. FIFA needs to cancel the Women's World Cup due to lack of parity or competition. Women's Soccer is a one team sport. In Women's Soccer it is USA vs the Field with USA winning every single time.

  2. fifa você já parou para pensar que se o tempo das mulheres fosse por exemplo 35 e 30 faria o futebol delas se tornaria mais atraente e dinâmico?
    elas são capazes de jogar o 45 e 45, mas às vezes são coisas tão simples que o agente passa despercebido. Eu queria de alguma forma ter essa idéia na Fiffa equipe muito obrigado pela atenção desde ja

  3. Unfortunately US players especially Solo engaged in uneducated hate speech against Sweden and it not surprising but it’s unacceptable and the team has a pattern of primitive behavior .However Solo received a well deserved award ( she is after all an incredible athlete)during a match against Denmark ??and Scandinavians simply never ever fall that low so it really doesn’t matter and of course Sweden ?? will win this group

  4. I know my Brazilian women's football team not the favourite we will try in our hearts. We all know the USA will win whatever with the snap of there figures. Too easy for them.

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