Ranking The *BEST* Season in Fortnite Battle Royale

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30 thoughts on “Ranking The *BEST* Season in Fortnite Battle Royale

  1. season 7 i thought fortnite would die when its done so i left and started playing destiny 2. After the wc qualifiers and stuff i thought that i was wrong so i went back to fortnite. 2 weeks in, season x comes. During that all I played was playground fill simply because the battle royale mode was soo shit. Season 1 chapter 2 kept me on fortnite though. My favourite season was chapter 2 season 1, but it most likely would've been 8 and/or 9 if i got the full experience of 9, and i played in 8

  2. Season X was actually pretty good. The last half of the season was the most balanced it has been ever and rift zones were actually very good. Barely any bugs. Should be around a 7

  3. This season can arguably be the best season imo. They should change the burst to Ak’s, make pumps like in season 10, have less variants of snipers and rpgs, add jump pads and atk.

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