Pubg Ps4 mouse and keyboard


27 thoughts on “Pubg Ps4 mouse and keyboard

  1. Lol, Nice tbag kid, and I use Xim to but I for all the people that say it's OP, no its not, just a reminder, playing K&M is not easier it just have a wider skill gap and if you wanna play fair you can always desactive aim assist, that's what I do, and xim don't feel like pc, it's worst, it feels different everyday, so your muscular memory isn't very used, I just can't wait to get on pc and have that 60fos that console can't have, but for now I don't have the money for it,

    And, don't tbag

  2. 1st of all this is not a keyboard !!! lol This Noob is trying to make it look like he is ! If he were the left right and up down motions are crisp! I can tell this is a controller ……
    I play both PC and Ps4 I can watch the movement and tell he is using analog and not keyboard and to the other poeple if cross played is allowed by the developers it is not cheating

  3. Hey I thought I would test the hori tac pro it is a licensed Sony device that allows you to use a mouse and keyboard I just want to say thank you for positive feedback I will try to upload more content you like and to the negative feedback it’s licensed by Sony I’m just testing it I’m sorry I didn’t make that clear in the video, if you could sub that would be amazing have a great day guys

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