PUBG Mobile PRO Tips & Tricks | EP. 1

PUBG Mobile Pro Tips & Tricks

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed watching this video and learnt a few tips. If you’d like to see more from this series please let me know by liking this video! There’s a lot more I’d like to show you guys. P.S. sorry for the low budgeted editing, I use my phone to edit.. I’m saving to buy a better laptop lol

OUTRO: Drake ft. Jay-z – Pound Cake (Instrumental)

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46 thoughts on “PUBG Mobile PRO Tips & Tricks | EP. 1

  1. Want to hear a true sad story?
    Alright, I played pubg in my iPad which was very old.
    I worked hard and got in the crown tier.
    So as I said my iPad was rlly old, it was the time to change it.

    i forgot to connect my acc to a social network

  2. Pro tip:- you are no pro because you haven't played any professional PUBG tournaments so your opinions related to 'pro tips' are invalid and the final tip play in Ace and conqueror not in platinum and show ur might on noobs

  3. Pro? You are not prp dude. Assuming ew. Did you play in tournament for many times? Conqueror rank? Skilled player? Low tier videos of gameplay lol crown tier but u play in lower rank like silver in other server like shit

  4. Player 1: who is that is he hacker?
    Player2: maybe
    Player 1: wait search this oh it's a YouTubers hacker.
    Player 2: oh searching
    Player 1: search
    Player 1: no he is a God of pubgm not hacker
    Player 2: (died)

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