Taking a look at a well known broadcaster and a top player in both EU and NA! Check out the links down below for more!

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37 thoughts on “PUBG Breakdown: Rank 1 Player "Spreeezy" – PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS TIPS AND TRICKS GUIDE

  1. Yeah it's tough on the EU servers. This is why you get guys like this joker and Whacky. Very rarely do I come across new players. Most are clearly experienced and have been playing since or close to beta. I'm not sure what the situation is on the NA servers?

  2. I love this content! Coming from a play who enjoys understanding the game im taking a lot away from this. Much more than i would just watching the clip. I think more but i havnt seen many…

  3. talking about smoke, I threw a cool one yesterday in duo. We ran into a team and they had a better angle than we did. So I threw a smoke on the mid ground between us to faint a smoke to cover a push, then we flanked around the side of the hill. Its a pretty good deception smoke bc defenders will think, ok they are trying to cover an approach

  4. Have you seen the vid of him and his buds killing half the server playing squads.. many.. many.. textbook examples of how to crash compounds during that round.. granted.. it was a silly yolo type of game play with some of the best in the world just having fun.. but the crashes are all business..

  5. End of 2018, spreeezy aim and tactical game is even better; I took a look at chocotaco & halifax pov at the December twitch charity rival when they got hit by spreezy to see what it feels like when playing against spreeezy.

  6. choco no 1( because of his overall ability like positioning, aim and technique)
    shroud no 2 ( just because his unreal aim)
    spreezy and wackyjacky at no 3 in PUBG

  7. Great break down! Any of ChacoTaco’s gameplays would be good to break down. Anything is good really because we can all learn something. How about break downs on the new map? There’s so much cover and loot on Sanhok and because of this, I believe that positioning and flanking play are even more important. That’s what I’ve gathered anyhow

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