Pro players : Use Secret Settings ||Gyroscope settings || PUBG

hey guys
in this video i m going to tell you some secret settings that every pro player use in pubg.
in this video i n going to tell about gyroscope settings in pubg.
so watch video till end.
use these tips and tricks to get more kills.
#pubg #protips #pubgtipsandtricks #secretsettings

by clashing with sunil


music: ncs music

video includes:
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20 thoughts on “Pro players : Use Secret Settings ||Gyroscope settings || PUBG

  1. kyu bhai IQ naam ki koi chiz nahi hoti kya…sirf kya recoil ke wajah se log marte kya…matlb mortal bhi recoil ki wajh se chinner dinner leta hoga na…IQ use karta hi nahi hoga…lol????

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