Pro Gamer Freaks Out When Windows 10 Update Kills His 9h Counter Strike Livestream (CS:GO) Fl0m

After 9h of live-streaming a Counterstrike (CS:GO) gaming session on his Windows 10 PC, pro gamer Erik Flom´s (Erik Fl0m) broadcast was brought to an unhappy end by a forced Windows 10 Update. Full story:

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Erik Fl0m on Twitter:
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42 thoughts on “Pro Gamer Freaks Out When Windows 10 Update Kills His 9h Counter Strike Livestream (CS:GO) Fl0m

  1. Fuck Microsoft. Fuck windows 10. Fuck forced updates. Fuck sneaky Spyware install that the slip in with these fucking updates. They can suck my ass after a violent bout of diarrhea.

  2. They are doing this non stop. they watch what you do, and they wait and then hit you. they also keep updating the same update over and over, even if you manually uninstall, then reinstall. They love causing problems, im not kidding. they literally watch people get mad, freak out, or what they post online, and they do exactly what angers people. The guy running the team behind windows 10….does not listen, does not care, forces HIS views on the entire team, and only caters to lefty big business. This will get a lot worse soon, and after they knew the last update deleted your files and released it anyways….shows why bill gates quit. I mean, yeah we could speculate it was for many reasons and gates isnt a great guy himself, but even he said he thought it was a very bad move to go this route.

  3. you gotta love how microshaft 10 updates so often and so slowly that you can't even use your computer. 'Cause we all bought a computer for the sake of restarting and updating constantly so we can have a new marketing gimmick force installed, such as 3D paint.

  4. Microapplesoft fuckin Windows… Updates wreck everything for the sake of harvesting your personal information. Aside from never letting windows have internet access, what can be done to stop these toxic unnecessary OS breaking updates? It's simply fucked in the face.

  5. Everyone should stop supporting that directshit and start using linux compatible games. You can watch porn and play games on linux without the terminal. Though writing a script that decides through complex neural networks youve tailored with the help of projects from sourceforge certainly helps to find out if you want to see milf, incest or teen porn.

  6. I hope this happens during a major event like League of Legends Worlds on a hundred foot tall screen in front of 8 million live viewers and Riot sues Microsoft for millions of dollars in damages.

    Nothing short of a calamity will get Microsoft's attention.

  7. Fuck the update I guess. Shit just killed my nfsu2 with 80% game progress by a update right before I shut my laptop down. Game don't start no more afterwards. There's an option where you can disable the system update. Fuck that shit. Now I learned my lesson and will never let worthless system bs ruin my life.

    Get a third party program called "take ownership"
    Install it
    Take ownership of the files "qmgr.dll" and "wuaueng.dll" in your system32 files
    Move them from the system32 folder to somewhere on the computer.
    No more windows update. (except every month where it says "oH u nEE d SecURitTy UPDATE", which is bullshit
    This also stops the problem with svchost.exe (netsvcs)/network taking up all of the bandwidth of wifi

    Please just go on ebay and get windows 7, i freed myself you can free yourself too.

  9. I'm not playing CSGo on Windows anymore.

    I'm playing on Linux Mint 19 and I have to admit that gaming on linux have evolve a lot in the last two years. You can have a similar or even better gaming experience on Linux for CSGo or Dota2.

    Differences I notice when playing on Linux compared to Windows

    • no Windows updates, you decide when you what to update
    • no VAC Issues with virus-scan-software
    • better FPS rate on nvidia 1070 GTX, cause there is nothing you don't want running in the background
    • better network performance, ping times are lower (still try to figure out why this is the case)
    • sharper textures on OpenGL then on DirectX helps when you sniper (maybe cause of Anostrophical filtering and different antialiasing?)
    • no stuttering
    • less tearing effects

    These are one of the reasons…others are related to the privacy topic:

    Check out CSGp gaming on linux for yourself and make yourself an own opinion. Valve and other piblishers like Feral Interactive did a good job there 😉

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