PLAYING FIFA 13 In 2019 – One Of The Best FIFA Games EVER?

Today we have another episode of FIFA History and today’s episode is dedicated to FIFA 13. In my opinion FIFA 13 has one of the best Ultimate Teams and gameplay. But Career Mode did lack alot of the vintage features.

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FIFA 19 New Updates and…

26 thoughts on “PLAYING FIFA 13 In 2019 – One Of The Best FIFA Games EVER?

  1. fifa 11 12 and 13 are easily the best fifa titles of this decade and arguably the best 3 titles all time.. the gameplay was very fun and arcade-like, the soundtracks were amazing, and it was just far more memorable and enjoyable than any fifa title since.. fifa 16 was the last fifa i spent countless hours on as well. 16 was the best ps4/xbox one fifa title in my opinion.

  2. hahahahaha FIFA 13 "The best fifa ever"… so hypocritical; same as with each other year, FIFA fans were bashing it when it came out.
    Same with 19, fans are bashing it, yet still play it.
    5 or 6 years from now they'll say FIFA 19 is the best FIFA ever.

    Video game fans are shitty, whining little twats.

  3. MY FAVORITE FIFA!! Havent played 12 yet but if the gameplay is like 13 I'll check it out. Wish EA kept the arcade type of gameplay in their games. If you look at their sports franchises, the years they used a arcade style gameplay. Are known to be the best in fans opinions. It was fast paced and not slow and players didnt run like they were in sand. Passing was faster and dribbling was fun and fluid. Wish they would do this style but with today's graphics.

  4. FIFA14 is the best for me. Until I got myself a PS4 in 2017, I had been playing FIFA14 on computer for 3 yrs. Never get bored. Now it’s only 6 months after the 19 release, I am tired with the career mode. Literally nothing had been changed for years. Plus the update thing, I have to start over again and again. Plz bring the old game back

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