PES 6 – FIFA World Cup 2006: Episode 3!

⋆ PES 6 – FIFA World Cup 2006 Germany ⋆

The group stages come to a close in dramatic fashion, Hosts Germany, Champions Brazil, England & Italy could still see themselves eliminated – No team is safe in the final group stage fixture!

⋆Download the Patch HERE⋆

⋆Special thanks to Footballer POMAH & Stonecold PES for their assistance with Stadiums – Please subscribe to their…

28 thoughts on “PES 6 – FIFA World Cup 2006: Episode 3!

  1. Thankyou everybody for waiting & being excited! Please let me know where you're from & if you're country qualified!
    Don't forget to comment your favourite match, favourite player & favourite goal of Episode 3!

  2. would you be able to help me find some good patches for PES 6? I'm looking for every season since 2006 itself,thing is,i can't find any patches,only many many ads.I really want to play with 2009/10 Bosnia etc.Please,it would be appreciated.

  3. PES 6 still the king!
    My country Portugal against Argentina in the Last 16, this is not gonna be easy! England vs. Germany, what's this, 2010 WC, again?
    Great video as always, Marlon! See you at the next episode and by the way, have you checked out my Leagues Collision yet?

  4. i cannot wait for the next epsiode im so glad i found this channel but maybe after finishing 2006 WC you might think of creating the ultimate world cup where we could see all time best 11 of each country i think it would be insane to watch a game where Eusebio Ronaldo and Figo face Messi Batistuta and Maradona especially with your commentary you should think about becoming a professional i would pay to watch Champions League with you behind microphone great work

  5. The next World Cup should
    be ether 2010,2014,or 1970 World Cup or even a custom World Cup like teams that didn’t qualify for the World Cup or a small nation teams

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