NEW Siege Machine Sneak Peek!! Town Hall 13 Update | Clash of Clans

New Siege Machine is HERE for Town Hall 13! Check out what the new siege machine looks like and how to use it at Town Hall 13.

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26 thoughts on “NEW Siege Machine Sneak Peek!! Town Hall 13 Update | Clash of Clans

  1. This is a really interesting idea. I can see this working similarly to how you might use a stone slammer on the tail end of a pekkasmash attack. I'm also interested if you could drop it with your main attack post funneling with ground armies and jump or wall break into a compartment and just have an extra pekka outside of your troop capacity come out along with some wizards and then ur cc troops

  2. So you can't drop it on a defense or inside of a red zone, but how big of a hole would you need to drop in this seige. Is it just 1×1 square? If yes then any hole would work, but if not what size is the seige foot print?

  3. its an interesting idea, i do love how the current SMs go into the base and are part of the attack but it's something different and will be interesting to see what people do with it

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