Native vs Wine : Counter Strike Global Offensive Benchmark on Ubuntu

As requested, here is a benchmark look at CSGO running on Ubuntu natively and through Wine. What kind of performance difference can we expect?

I am using the latest Nvidia drivers, which are the 349.12 drivers.

1. Intro 0:00
2. Benchmark 0:24
3. Summary 4:45

I’ve only included the results from the max settings, to save time and reduce the video duration. You can expect similar results when running CSGO in min settings with these two scenarios.

If you’re interested in running…

23 thoughts on “Native vs Wine : Counter Strike Global Offensive Benchmark on Ubuntu

  1. how do u install CSGO on wine I keep getting error when I'm trying to open it in steam. wine crashes. I used play on Linux and didn't work please tell me how to fix it

  2. Well, how about making a comparison between native, Wine and Gallium Nine. I am pretty sure Gallium Nine would provide slightly more FPS than native OpenGL. You need to disable proprietary drivers in order to enable Gallium Nine though.

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