Mythbusting Car Upgrades – GTA Online Racing #6

In my own take on the popular “Mythbusting” series for GTA V, I test various car upgrades/modifications and try to finally figure out exactly how they affect car performance, if at all.

In this video I’ll be addressing a number of myths regarding car modifications, including whether armour or other body mods increase weight and whether LS customs is telling the truth when it says you’ve maxed out the acceleration stat.

I hope you find this helpful, let me know what you think! The only way…

47 thoughts on “Mythbusting Car Upgrades – GTA Online Racing #6

  1. Hello Broughy1322, now that you have unlocked all the upgrades, would it be possible to update this video with the release of a new one explaining what upgrades should be bought, what is advised to have, what should be avoided and what should be removed?
    For example you have stated that EMS, turbo, brakes, spoiler and offroad tires are to be bought.
    The carbon fibre parts are advised to have for a very slight improvement?
    Should be avoided lowering the suspension (unless the car has the tendency of rolling over to the side).
    Should we remove skirts in case a car comes with them?
    Thanks and regards, Robert.

  2. I feel that Rockstar did a mistake giving away the fastest car in Sports car as free…. they should have given away some average Sedan or a Coupé instead…

  3. No offense, but there has to be a much more accurate way to test brake improvement. I know that better brakes do help to get a better lap and that's what you've shown, but a better lap is a really derived product, and even when the only change are the brakes, it doesn't seem like a good way to tell how big the improvement was. It only shows whether there was any improvement at all. It's like trying to tell how many black spots a cow has by the taste of her milk. How about comparing the time and distance it takes for a car to brake at full speed both with and without the best brake upgrade?

  4. Didn’t the carbon test also add a wing? I’m skeptical on the whole weight reduction theory but I know that wings help hold your car down on the road at high speeds

  5. I like this video very much. Very thorough and informative!
    I would have liked to see the performances of the Ruiner with only one modification at a time. But I appreciate the way you build up the upgrades. I mean who is going to only buy brakes? Still i would like to see what the difference in brakes alone causes.

  6. I feel like a lap race wouldn't produce consistent enough results in order to get baseline stats from considering driving will differ somewhat. for instance what if you. hit the breaks longer on turns one race than you did the previous. even getting an average result would still be sketchy to say the least

  7. Mate, I've been watching your videos for two days and over that time I've completely overhauled my car collection. I thank you for all the work you've put into making these videos and I hope you'll add me on gat 5 (yonbert) so we can zip around some tracks together.

  8. Nice video, congrats, the only thing I was wondering was about the limit on upgrading cars, I still won't put on all my cars carbon everywhere because I want my car to look the way I like it.

  9. Broughy1322 I have more myths you can solve
    myth 1 : Do different percents or armor affect the vehicle?
    myth 2 : Do different suspension affect the car's performance?
    Example : Street suspension vs. Sports suspension
    myth 3 : Do different car upgrades affect your car performance?
    Examples : Street engine vs. Race engine or Street transmission vs. Race transmission
    myth 4 : Can your car have to much power if so how to make your car ideal?

  10. Doing laps is a piss poor method for determining any changes. Too many variables on performance. It's entirely reliant on you driving exactly the same every time. Which is impossible.

    Btw: Armor DOES effect performance. Full armor chops %5 off your top speed. This has apparently been confirmed.

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