MOST Packages EVER! Town Hall 13 Fix That Rush Clash of Clans #89

MOST Packages EVER! Town Hall 13 Fix That Rush Clash of Clans #89

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47 thoughts on “MOST Packages EVER! Town Hall 13 Fix That Rush Clash of Clans #89

  1. Hi Galadon,im a fan and i really like your content!.Can you help me out,in your next videos,pls mention a cancel button for laboratory and a new level for air sweeper tht matches the theme of th13 in the next update of clash of clan.i do really appreciate if u do this.I hope you see this comment 1 in 100!

    Love from Malaysia?

  2. I usually buy the TH Packs but not this time – With only 100 walls to build I don’t want to run out of content again as I have been buying gold passes for the skins with nothing to build a few months :p

    Kanza is the guys name.
    Has a double cannon, nothing else just storages and a level 9-10 town hall. Not on builder base on the normal base.

  4. no harm but the builder base is terrible, keep your 6th builder lawl, cant drop trophies easily, so eventually your wasting your boosts against people 3 levels higher than you its just aids really.

  5. Can anyone tell me why his cyber special pack was only $20, and it only had 1 of each rune instead of the $50 3DE 2 Elix rune pack I had?

    Edit: nevermind, I see these are the older packs and I was confusing the pack names

  6. Galdo please answer me why the game since 2015 was no longer lost its addictive property because it was not popular previously when I entered the game in Cologne poor even above 10 people were active but now the best of the Cologne were abandoned and the dull game is the policies Play the game after 2015 and do not think so that there are a few more years to play

  7. Call it galafarm. Since you can only change the name once and more town halls will be coming in the future then you should just all this Galafarm since you farm in this in order to fix the rush. Like if anyone else agrees.

  8. Galadon I had a thought since the season challenges begun ,that we do work in the builder base through the season but no rewards there u should mention it someday in ur video supercell may listen it too

  9. I'm sure some are annoyed by it, but thank you for constantly reminding us about the creator code. I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten or almost did. I really wish the renewal time was longer, say a month. Great video as always!

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