MASSIVE GAINS! TH12 Farm to Max | Clash of Clans

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46 thoughts on “MASSIVE GAINS! TH12 Farm to Max | Clash of Clans

  1. Painful to say but i had quit clash of clans 2 years ago after maxing out my th10 i had to quit because it consumes a lot of time and all our friends used to argue with each other but still its a really cool game

  2. Really dont understand why you still show replays.. makes the quality of the video go down in my opinion it just arent as entertaining as taking your time to do a extra live raid

  3. I would like spells in clan castles be used on defense.

    Healing spells will heal troops for the spell duration once released from the castle.

    Rage spells will buff damage for the duration once released from castle.

    Lightning spells will be dropped when the troops first contact with enemy troops attacking or being attacked.

    Jump spells will create a anti-jump zone around the clan castle once activated.

    Earthquake spells will be dropped on the clan castle once it's been deployed and create small rifts that troops cannot pass.

    Freezing spells will be dropped on first contact.

    Haste spells will hasten troops on release.

    Poison spells would give troops poison tipped weapons and apply a dot and attack speed reduction.

    Bat spells and skeleton spells will be like normal but will attack troops.

  4. I have a challenge for you klaus you have to kill a townhall with 10 goblins exactly you can use any other troops but you have to kill the town hall with 10 gobys if one dies you lose I hope you try this

  5. You probably hear this a lot, but you are my favourite content creator. I just appreciate the fact that you max everything, and takes things chill. It annoys me when people just rush xD

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