Kiki stalks Niko (GTA IV)

In this video you will see the dark side of Kiki Jenkins, how she acts upon her suspicion of Niko cheating on her.
A special thanks to youtube user iiSimsy for her advice in making of this video.
Note that some parts of this video were made and edited in a dramatic way and do not appear in the game as seen here.

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29 thoughts on “Kiki stalks Niko (GTA IV)

  1. The attention to detail in this game (and all GTA games but especially IV) is amazing. Sure the storyline might not be the most exciting and outlandish one but in my opinion it's the most immersive and "realistic" by far. The whole GTA universe just has a lot of cool lore/stories to it like this that most players wouldnt even notice.

  2. More evidence why Rockstar is the goat of game developing. So many features exist in their games and little to none of it is advertised, left up to the player to figure out and discover them for themselves. The gaming market is so oversaturated with depthless reskinned and resold filth. I canโ€™t wait for Bully 2 eventually gta 6 and hopefully la noire 2

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