How to Win Solos EASILY in Fortnite Season 8 – Tips and Tricks

We’re here with a guide on how to win solos easily in Fortnite Season 8. Hope you enjoy these tips and tricks!

Sub with the bell for 5 Ping:

Submit your replay to be featured! Go here:
1. Click on “career” in the lobby screen
2. Click on the “replays” tab on the right.
3. Find the replay that you want to send and rename it to your username with the “rename and save”…

47 thoughts on “How to Win Solos EASILY in Fortnite Season 8 – Tips and Tricks

  1. actually, thank you so much! i just got my second solo win! bare in mind, i did only get 6 kills, but i’m still pretty proud of myself! this honestly did help, so thank you!

  2. Every time when there is 12-15 people left when I'm sitting in a 1 by 1, someone always rushes me. I try to shoot it down, but they shoot back. What do I do? I can't build because I know I'm being shot at by 3rd parties.

  3. Personally I don't watch the competition try to win when i am one of those people who only care about winning and hate losing but do i report every player that gets the drop on me and usurp my right to victory I don't because if i did i would reduce my competition to the absolute noobs to fortnite but i don't because what's a well deserved victory without a little challenge. I started playing as soon as the E3 2018 announcement for the Switch edition was announced so by now I've got a few good wins under my belt and I've got the four seasonal umbrellas and the mandatory regular umbrella for the first ever win to prove it. I'll gladly show off my proof of experience to anyone who teams up with me on the Switch edition my username in the game right now is InfiniteKaguya.

  4. 9:53 what game play? I die to the dumbest thing in the game that I can’t control and I have some thing against bots wen there a sweat it’s not as a problem but bots I start messing every shoot like what they did some thing

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