How to Spot a BOT in PUBG Mobile! (Tips and Tricks)

“PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks – PUBG Mobile Bots Explained, Bots Proof – How to Spot a BOT in PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile iOS Android PC) Gameplay – PUBG Mobile Tips Tricks, Tips to Win! Battle Royale New Update Gameplay”


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34 thoughts on “How to Spot a BOT in PUBG Mobile! (Tips and Tricks)

  1. I never jump lols, Not so sure about that its skilled based on the phone and puts you up against players at the same level. Its possible but i dont think so cause bots are normally pretty good from my experience with bots

  2. What turns me away is the number of hackers actively playing with (apparently) little or no corrective action from the developers. Sure. If you're made of money and want to fork over 115 Euros per month for the best wallhack/aimbot out there you can……BUT IT'S JUST A GAME!

  3. Bots are just players that went offline or left after joining the match. If anyone leaves the game open with the player inside the game, then the bot takes place.
    If the player left the game before even landing or collecting loot,the bot will get random guns or other things. And when I played and killed a bot, it had all the drop items : O

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