HOW TO ALWAYS WIN IN ZOMBIE MODE | PUBG Mobile Tips. Some tips and tricks for the new game mode/event zombie mode!
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37 thoughts on “HOW TO ALWAYS WIN IN ZOMBIE MODE | PUBG Mobile Tips

  1. the best way of surviving the second night is to find a car, shake off zombies, then you stop the car, wait for another wave of zombies, redo the same thing. it is a good method to save petrol

  2. Tip no.1 team up with friends, so they won't split and leave u!
    2. If u are left by teammates, don't shoot unnecessary, u won't attract SO many zombies (just like in movies)
    3. Have different guns, one with 5.56 and one with 7.62 ammo (tipo for TOTAL noobs, but still :D)
    3. Spend 2nd night driving most of the time if possible (not 1st, because 2nd night is harder)
    4. Try to hit their head and play with red dot scope (doesn't make really big difference, but for me personally it helps a lot)
    And ofcourse follow Panda tips, cuz we all know he is better than most of us ?

  3. Park car to block stairs in sniper tower or one door shack. Zombies cant climb stairs or enter through window. Also there is glitch in pochinki in big waste water canal, the one that ends below bridge. Stay in one end and all zombies come to you from direction of bridge.

    Ps. sorry for bad english

  4. actually this zombie event is easier if you ignore all those zombies following you and focus on those players killing those zombie it is a good distraction for you to sneak in and kill those players busy killing zombies and use the knife to kill zombie so you can stay hidden it just that it get's boring because the map is 3 or more times bigger than pubgml i also stay in a house then go out then go back in and go out in out in out till light breaks in i almost don't shoot zombies ? the next thing i know i'm only one left alive in my team that's how i lose

  5. always go in house in the school area which have pool. Then jump on window area (lower and higher) so while staying in lower sometimes close fattys can deal explosive dmg and on higher tier its fully safe. If i hear people shooting in school then i jump off and sneak to them with zombies to cover my steps. I kill on a run and rotate back to my pool house (during day i go back to loot them). First night it nothing… can simply run around. Main thing is second night when masses of runners from fallen survivors turn their direction and starts flowing from each side then its gets annoying. But its also easy just run few seconds backwards once runners about to hit you have to move on a side to dodge then repeat. Just later it gets odd runing over and over and if you having fun time playing with scared gf so pool house works just fine. Since zombies aint even moving from their spot once you start using it

  6. Some more tips:
    1. Find the RPD Police station (always at the same place, but sometimes it wont spawn) and kill the boss inside.
    2. If there is police station, inside it, there is a corridor. Then u can leap across the fence and stand on top of the door, then no zombie can hit u except spitter. Note that zombie rarely spawn in police station
    3. If there is no police station, go to the underground structure nearby. Lots of good loots inside. Zombie is rarely spawn inside at night too. Hence, its a good place to defend at night.
    4. At the first night, its better to run across the map and find people who are busying at killing zombies as zombies are slower than your running speed. They r the easy targets.
    5. At the second night, if u have a car, drive it slowly to save the oil, the zombies can never hit u. If u dont, swim in river is a solution.
    6. Suppressor is the most important thing in this mode as u can kill zombies without revealing your location. Especially when u night assault other players and chased by a train of zombies, suppressor can help u to kill the players and zombies safely.
    7. "The zombies only spawn around players". As spawning zombies everywhere will waste the resources in server, zombies will only spawn around players. As spawning zombies need time for animation, running at night will decrease the total amount of zombies u met. Hence, dont stay in normal house at night and u will get overwhelmed

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