GTA Explaining the Best and Worst Business Locations Guide

Me explaining the best locations for the businesses ranging from MC, Crates, Hangar, Bunker, Facility, Import Export warehouse.
CEO Crates-1:00
Import Export- 6:32
Facility- 12:44
MC Businesses-21:02
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22 thoughts on “GTA Explaining the Best and Worst Business Locations Guide

  1. U should change the cypress flat warehouse i also own the la Mesa warehouse for vehicle and the Npcs spawn when u get out the hide out and I also disagree because it takes 10 seconds to get the car out of the warehouse

  2. La Mesa best location.. Landing a cargo bob is not that hard. I never had problem with gangs just stay away about 200-300meters from the warehouse.. Enemies appear at that range 200-300m when selling a car.

  3. I'm sorry but I disagree with your la Mesa vehicle warehouse review. I own it and when driving in the NPCs never fire at you when you get anywhere near your warehouse. The vagos hangout can be annoying but it's so easy to just avoid them. The vagos are never a problem for me. Trust me don't waste money buy La Mesa!

  4. I love the Paleto forest bunker. I jump on the train tracks almost all the time with all vehicles and then go up the dirt path/storm drain that leads up to the observatory to get into the city. You can very quickly get into the middle of the map where you can activate ghost organisation and the griefers have no idea where you're going…if you're spawning on a motorway there's only really one direction you're going to be heading in and even with ghost organisation you won't be hard to find in a massive phantom wedge. The train track method works with the wedge and you can get to the docks quicker than if you were to take the GPS route that takes you past the pier and all through the city by just going around the hills via route 68. It is a little further away and takes an extra 2 minutes drive but your route isn't predictable.

  5. I have the car warehouse in Le Mesa and the vagos have never shot up my car yet. You only go past them when selling and they don’t do shit but compliment my cars hah, when I’m importing I go off the freeway and In the back. When I’m bored I’ll mess with the gangs lol

  6. Don’t get the pale today bunker I only have it because it was free from the criminal enterprise starter pack earlier I was selling from it I was griefed in a insurgent pick up custom marry weather blocked us and my teammate dident know how to shoot it was horrible don’t get it it may be the cheapest but it’s horrible save up for a better one

  7. mI bought lsia hangar because its cheap so less grinding time for me and i don’t source narcotics medical supplies and chemicals i do tobacco and alcohol so my friends can do the missions without failing and i also do jewelry and gemstones

  8. To get rid of attacker problems get like 2 or 3 friends go to settings go to network settings then go to test NAT type wait the WHOLE time and you are in a lobby by yourself where you can still sell and do business work in and 9x out of ten no one else will join unless you invite them

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