GTA 5 / V – GTX 1050 ti – i3 6100 – 1080p – 900p – 720p – 1440p – 4K

Want to see the fps like me? Download CAM here:
Querés ver los fps como yo? Descargá CAM acá:

Gameplay starts at 00:53 (1080p)
I switch to 900p at 05:49
I switch to 720p at 10:47
I switch to 1440p at 15:44
I switch to 4K at 17:22
I show cam’s CPU and RAM usage while in-game at 19:12

Recorded with AverMedia Live Gamer Portable on PC-Free Mode, no fps hit

Grabado con AverMedia Live Gamer Portable on PC-Free Mode, no hay diferencia de…

41 thoughts on “GTA 5 / V – GTX 1050 ti – i3 6100 – 1080p – 900p – 720p – 1440p – 4K

  1. Hello man pls reply pls anyone reply. I have a pc with a gtx 1050ti, 8gb ram, i3 7th gen. I dont know why it even lags on the recommended settings whereas in witvher 3 it never did lag

  2. My game lags when i drive fast even on low settings with same setup i have dual channel ram is there anything i can try or is it normal and should i just put settings higher and accept the lag?

  3. I have Intel Core i3 4130,GTX 1050ti and 8GB RAM.The ram is single stick and i get around 50 FPS in GTA 5 but according to the settings i am using i should get more than 70.Will upgrading To 12GB of Ram(Adding 4GB stick) help in improving the performance?How much would it effect the performance?

  4. I wonder if I should get the 1050 TI, will it be OK for ~2 years or it is already at the limit with current games ?
    Price here is around 170 EUR new and the CPU is a bit faster than i7.

  5. Why do I have on the same system 45-60 fps? I have x1 ddr4 hyperx fury 8GB. Sometimes there are drawdowns of FPS (friezes) for fast driving. Video card gigabyte g1 gaming gtx 1050 ti and i3 6100 motherboard asrock h110m-hdv screen resolution 1360х768 …

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