GTA 5 – Top 5 Bikes – Best Bikes in GTA 5!! (GTA 5 countdown)


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38 thoughts on “GTA 5 – Top 5 Bikes – Best Bikes in GTA 5!! (GTA 5 countdown)

  1. Hate to say this but Rockstar fucked up the bike animations and with that they fucked me, no airstream which makes clothes move like in vice city.. seams like whoever designed that back in the days must have been a genius.

    Think of it, even in Liberty City, where they throwed in the Lost and damned, they had none of that.

    How could you forget?

    sincere Tommy 'Motherfucking' Vercetti

  2. wtf why is a pedal bike in first its not faster than the shitzu and the bati 801 is not the fastest its the shitzu and and why is the sanchez in this list none of these bikes are not even in the top 10 of bikes on gta 5 online

  3. this video was such a piss take, you didn't review a single bike and put them in a order which would make sense, the bmx was first, it can jump and you can go faster than some civilian drove cars wow, the bati was second, it goes fast as fuck and it is very moneverable when on moterways

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