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In GTA 5 Online, you can max your strength skill in 10 minutes! Get a friend to jump into a car, then melee that car repeatedly for 10 minutes until strength is maxed! The Strength stat: Boosts melee damage, speeds up ladder climbing, improves sporting ability, and reduces damage taken from various sources.
Easily max stealth stat…

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  1. Currently I'm rubber banding my controller to max out strength for the night, got from 10 to 60% in 20 minutes so it'll be done soon. Trying to figure out strength, heard this was patched and cow punching took too long. Ideas?

  2. Ie, Stealth missions, Melee weapons only missions, Prolonged(but reasonable) Flying missions.. So far only Driving and Shooting have missions where the skill can be honed at a faster pace.

    People rubber-banning controllers or punching a car to get these faster shouldn't be necessary, and should NEVER be punishable, simply because it's not glitching/hacking.

  3. Rockstar is patching things for literally NO reason, there's nothing in this game that you can do to max stats FAST.  Everything takes forever since Rockstar didn't have enough common sense to make missions where you can do some of the stats…

    How about fixing ACTUAL problems Rockstar??

  4. This game has terrible controls. The driving is god awful, the running and turning during a heated team deathmatch is super clunky and slow. Besides the open world aspect, this games a bust.

  5. I spent like an hour trying to find a bus since I didn't have a friend to help. No luck.
    … So what I did was go into Violent Duct, (there aren't any cops or hostile civilians in the mission) stand in the road, wait for a line of cars… jack the first one. Then jack the third car, park it to the left, and the 4th car to the right. This makes a 3 way box around the second car. Then I beat the crap out of it. He couldn't get out so I maxed in a few minutes!

  6. Hey John, if you want to steal anything from the military base without getting wanted stars just start a "one on one" deathmatch with a friend in freeroam next to the base, you can then get inside the base without a wanted level giving you and your friend the ability to steal Jets, Tanks and any other rare military equipment.

    GAME ON Dan and John from next gen walkthroughs.

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