GTA 5 NEW Secret Location! – SECRET Deranged War Veteran Hotel Room! (GTA V)

GTA 5 NEW Secret Location! – SECRET Deranged War Veteran Hotel Room! (GTA V) – GTA 5 Brand New Secret Locations!
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42 thoughts on “GTA 5 NEW Secret Location! – SECRET Deranged War Veteran Hotel Room! (GTA V)

  1. Jack Howitzer is a recurring character that you see for the first time in gta v, but has been mentioned in all the gta games. From gta III where you hear the add for his movie "Exploder", to the interview on the radio, in another game, where he shoots the host Billy Dexter, (who is then replaced by lazlo) , he's been in a lot of the games.

  2. besides ever thought the glare he did in this video he could've had the vampire mod or something does that even exist anyways getting off topic there it could be a little bug they could fix or not idk

  3. oh my god i hate that people are upset with rockstar they are giving you interiors and mods, cheats, and secret room so shut up all you haters rockstar is doing their best so you better knock it off so what if theres a couple a bugs theyll fix it their probably working on. gta 6 right now who knows its a secret till it comes out but there are easter eggs, mysteries, mysterious grave sites, hidden bunkers (like the one at the airport), all the fun glitches like at micheals house like the supposedly hidden door (just a glitch) all the online heists you can do the fun things like teamdeath matches,rockets and insurgents,car sumos, and miscellaneous so haters stop playing gta 5 dont ruin it for us people who like so anyone who agrees say hell yeah

  4. matt zahorec is right, when a tv agent helps a celeb who is put of prison there was a so called and i qoute that the celb said she was "meditating" and in the bathroom he kept jars of urine in there so matt zahorec is correct.

  5. why does rockstar hate for people to enjoy this game? why don't they just open up more interiors? and make the game more fun. why do they hate for us to enjoy this game?

  6. I recently was playing with the no clip mod and I found the character customization place when you create your character for online. In there, I also found 2 pics of trevor during the prologue on a table.

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