GTA 5 – How to Make Millions From Stock Market Assassinations

IGN goes over the best way to make the biggest profits in GTA 5, and how the system has changed in the update from PS3 / 360 to PS4 / Xbox One.

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43 thoughts on “GTA 5 – How to Make Millions From Stock Market Assassinations

  1. WARNING!!! This will not work on next gen consoles wit latest updates soo WARNING!! it'll only work for Franklin & trevor. If yuhh try it with Michael he will loose all his money

  2. hey , I need help. when u click to purchase certain stocks , like the ones u mentioned the lcn takes me to some other stock and not the stock I want to purchase

  3. I've run into an issue. Turns out that I forgot to invest in the stocks on the first assassination, however I did the stocks on the second assasaination. I'm now at the point where I've waited 108 hours (they say to wait 48-96 hours). Problem is, the redwood stock has given me nothing but a negative 40% return instead of a positive 300% return. Did I miss something? Do I have to restart the entire game?

  4. Some people say just download a gamesave, but dont do that if you like those fun missions like blowing up jay norrises head or pulling down coaches house or even the big score

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  6. I tried this on Xbox One, Rockstar made it so you can't buy those stocks during the assassination missions, so I lost everything. I had the game saved from the end of the game though.

  7. It works for ps4 just wait a week of in game time.. Go to you safe house and sleep back our quick sleep back out quick you'll see it go up make sure you save before trying this ??

  8. The Hotel AssassinationBetta Pharmaceuticals stocks 50 % profitthen Bilkinton stocks 25%
    The Multi Target AssassinationDebonaire stocks 60% – some say even 80% profitRedwood stocks 300%
    The Vice Assassination Fruit Computers 50%
    Façade 30%
    The Bus AssassinationAfter mission buy Vapid stocks 90-100% profit
    The Construction Assassination Gold Coast 70 – 80% profit
    Some say u get 20% profit after vangelico missions stocksbut i never got that only 12% profit.
    Tinkle 25% when u get dude in time in airport.

  9. Wtf I invested 50m in redwood after selling debonair at 50% and redwood is just staying at 3 bucks a share and is going down wtf is going on It won't go up I'm on pc btw someone help.

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