GTA 5 – Hotel Assassination And Stock Market Guide – Revisited

In this video i revisit a old video on Lester’s assassination missions and show you how to make some money from the in game stock market.

BAWSAQ Network Fix:

Hotel assassination:
Multi target assassination:
Vice assassination:
Bus assassination:
Construction assassination:

Original Missions:


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24 thoughts on “GTA 5 – Hotel Assassination And Stock Market Guide – Revisited

  1. So on ps4 Bet only has 38% increase having been nerferd. But investing Bil straight after when it falls to its low $42 – 24% will increase over the next few days to $90 high so a chance for 100% profit there.

  2. bro after completing the mission hotel assassination Franklin calls Lester but Lester doesn't pick up the call for me plz help. Franklin keeps calling but never Lester pick up.Nor I can start any other mission or switch characters. Plzzzzz help!!!!!!!!!!?

  3. I've been confused because I've read everywhere that people are getting an 80% profit & I am only getting 50% multiple times, & I even saw on your original video that you got an 80% profit, but thank you for revisiting it as it's made me realise it's not just happening to me & it must be something to do with later patches

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