GTA 5 – Benefactor Surano Location – Epsilon Car

Where to find the Benefactor Surano – Epsilon Car.
Here’s the location of the Benefactor Surano in GTA V. This is the third car you’ll be asked to collect and return to the Epsilon garage.

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38 thoughts on “GTA 5 – Benefactor Surano Location – Epsilon Car

  1. OMG thx so much!! CVG its work so i can resume the episolonprogran screet mission, i think thats screet car, and iam wait for your next video and more cool video from u cvg,THX SO MUCH, IAM FROM BALI

  2. Actually, in GTA their Benefactor cars are based off of Mercedes Benz, and this one is most likely based off the more recent Mercedes SLS, but theirs is missing the signature gull-wing doors. The Jaguar you're talking about is most likely the Ocelot.

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