GTA 5 – 100% Completion Checklist and Guide – How to Get 100% for Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 Easter Eggs. Discover UFO’s Ghosts, Cheat Codes and more

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39 thoughts on “GTA 5 – 100% Completion Checklist and Guide – How to Get 100% for Grand Theft Auto V

  1. I competed 100%, I have the achievement and I checked my stats and I have done absolutely everything, however when I go to a wardrobe I can’t access the shirt, the UFOs don’t appear for me and the green question mark for the final missions doesn’t appear for me on the map, another issue I have is that I believe there are a total of 58 strangers and freaks missions however it says I have only done 46, I also noticed that I never did the Maude mission or mrs Phillips mission yet there are no question marks left at all+ I have tried calling all contacts in my phone for each character. Can someone try help me out please, It would be much appreciated.

  2. Man I have a long way to go
    GTA 1: 0%
    GTA London 1961: 0%
    GTA London 1969: 0%
    GTA 2: 0%
    GTA 3: 100%
    GTA Vice City: 100%
    GTA San Andreas: 100%
    GTA Advance: 0%
    GTA Liberty City Stories: 100%
    GTA Vice City Stories: 100%
    GTA 4: 65%
    GTA The Lost And Damned: 73%
    GTA The Ballad Of Gay Tony: 61%
    GTA Chinatown Wars: I forgot
    GTA 5: 66%

  3. I have 1 Hobby or Pastime to do. I made a lap dance, shooting Range and Every other thing. It is only possible i missed a race or something. How can i Look which i missed?

    EDIT: i found it it was a street race. It Took me 3 Days to figure it out lol xd

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