Fortnite vs PUBG | The REAL Battle Royale

Now that we are in 2018 it is clear that PUBG and fortnite battle Royale have officially popularized a genre. Player unknown battlegrounds has been a phenomenon with tips being spread across forums, reviews being great and then there’s fortnite battle Royale that takes an entirely different approach with far less acclaim. The reality is pubg and fortnite are two very different games, but understanding their differences is key to knowing which game is for you. Today we are going to look at…

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  1. With PUBGs desert map having launched alongside 1.0 what do you think about it? Which game is your favorite of the two and why? Do you think pubg will take off as an esport? What do you think needs to change before it does? Non-cap clip creds below!


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    Non-cap clip creds: Daneso, madnuss, GL0ZZ3N Tech Reviews, max meucci, twitch is my city, itsGryzzy, Matthew atkerson, llama guy, stubbsy, Justin schwandt, rawhs, chemicalgaming

  2. 0:27 Many people have this misconception about why Bluehole is going/went after Epic. They’re attacking Epic for copying their take on the battle royale genre, and they aren’t claiming ownership of the genre.

  3. It's weird bc I've played PUBG on my phone and never ran into a problem. I'm sure it's because the graphics don't have to be as detailed and whatnot, but my IPhone 6 runs perfect with PUBG

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