Fortnite Mobile vs Pubg Mobile Comparison!



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19 thoughts on “Fortnite Mobile vs Pubg Mobile Comparison!

  1. I mean it's just the beta of fortnite battle royale.. and you have a phone 6 plus if you have 7 plus or iPhone x the graphics will be a lot better. But I'm gonna agree with you on this, that pubg mobile is better! 100%

    Controls, Graphics, more… better. Pubg developers are just really good with gui, and graphics and other stuff.
    But what I like about fortnite Is they really listen to the community

  2. Matt it's a BETA! and it's also invite only and ONLY IOS CAN play. Not even on android and I think ? you are being a little bias…. ? because you complemented PUBG more than fortnite. But that's my opinion ??

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