Fortnite: Best TIPS for BEST KEYBINDS

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In this video I will be showing you the number 1 tip to make you a better builder, which is key binds. If you follow the trick in this video, you will guaranteed be a better builder.

44 thoughts on “Fortnite: Best TIPS for BEST KEYBINDS

  1. Can someone help me please? When i am building i have my floor button set to C, and whilest i am holding left click down i can swap to it fine, but if i am holding one of my mouse side buttons down, i have to let go of left click, swap to the building, and then hold left click again to place it. Could someone help me fix this issue please?

  2. My hands are a decent size. I use my mouse side buttons to build and I find it very comfortable. But when I build I just can't get the movements down. I try to move right and end up pressing s to move back. Help???

  3. I use my side buttons as weapon 1 and 2 with shotgun on the top and assault on the bottom. I keep accidentally bumping it in close range fights so I make sure it's a close range weapon

  4. i got the mouse buttons on my mouse, i use those for ramp+walls and my floor is x becuz its very easy for me to click on my keyboard. i dont have anything set for ramp and if i wanted to get to it for some reason i would just scroll with my mouse.

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