FORTNITE: Battle Royale (2018) | Gameplay ON GT630 2GB DDR3 [HD 60FPS]

Hello bros! After 6 months since I first tested it heres another gameplay test of Fortnite: Battle Royale on GT630 2GB DDR3… in 2018 🙂

GAME SETTINGS: Low as possible
Resolution tested: 1280×720
– 00:12 720p 100% render (min. 27FPS, max. 60FPS, avg. 33-45FPS)
– 08:06 720p 75% render (min. 27FPS, max. 60FPS, avg. 37-50FPS)
– 11:00 720p 50% render (min. 40FPS, max. 70FPS, avg. 45-60FPS)

*Note: Much more optimization and better performance when it first came out. I only tested it on 720p…

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