FIFA 20 Review

Volta, a brand-new way to play FIFA that offers a breath of fresh air to the series – albeit not without its own faults – is here, but does it come at the expense of the game as a whole?

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29 thoughts on “FIFA 20 Review

  1. I miss fifa 13 and when input equals output. The fifa nowadays is utter shite. Who wants a game where you are not even 50% in control of your team just look at AI defending plus keeper switching. The game is just bland and not tactically engaging. The game simply isn't flexible in its gameplay but its skill moves might make you think so but trust me it isnt it's a fully scripted gamed which doesn't allow strategic gameplay. If PES play their cards right we might start making this switch no Nintendo lol

  2. IGN really needs to get some real reviewers who can actually do an objective review or at the very least be honest about their biases. Not saying you can't like FIFA, but at the very least be clear about what you're trying to sell people and why you're doing so. Heck I'd redo this review for them for free if they requested 😐. People use to trust this outlet, now it's just a joke.

  3. I have a question. If IGN have important relationships with companies such as EA that they essentially rely on to stay running, why is there any point in valuing their opinion? Or even watching any of their content.

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