Counter Strike Source Tips and Tricks Positioning 720p HD dust 2

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DaZeD and sauce from team zomblers talk about positioning. Positioning on de_dust2 CT side specifically. They go over multiple setups and positions you can use with your team or individually to improve your game.

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49 thoughts on “Counter Strike Source Tips and Tricks Positioning 720p HD dust 2

  1. also, in case you are getting rushed from long while scoping A site (position #2 in this vid) you can back up into that lil nook with the car and the tree and throw a smoke grenade. I've had T's rush right past me, while i sit in smoke. Then when the smoke subsides their backs are to me. Because they'll be watching either short or mid. Have fun picking em off one by one

  2. It can, though. I've shot guys point blank range both in the body and head and they just proceed to turn around and one-shot me. I guess I just started so I'm not really used to how this game works in comparison to other games, though.

  3. did you even look at the comment… i said "and you're mad because?" i'm asking a simple question i did not refer to umadbro in any way…then you go on calling me a faggot and then tell me i'm squirming, i don't see the logic in that really…and i'm not really trying to prove anything you think i'm a fag go ahead i don't really care, who are you to tell me what i can and can't do, so go ahead because in the end i won't really give a shit…

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