Counter Strike 1.6 tips and tricks

Just a few things you need to know about cs 1.6 rifles…
song used:Seether Fake It
You can turn of the vertical sync by going on your desktop right clicking then going in to properties,settings,advanced and then just start nvidia control panel or any other graphic card panel.And here you can turn off the sync…

35 thoughts on “Counter Strike 1.6 tips and tricks

  1. lol You want to be stupid when you say cmdr 101, updatr 101? The best settings after update steam is:
    fps_max 99.5
    fps_override 1
    cl_cmdrate 105
    cl_updaterate 100
    rate 100000
    ex_interp 0.01 / 0

    But if you want low ping:
    cl_cmdrate 60
    cl_updaterate 60
    rate 20000 / 25000 / 30000
    ex_interp 0.05

  2. yea most ppl are playing those stupid mods and playing public. CS is dead in the competitivie way… Clan matches barely exists anymore. They all went for CSGO CS S COD, BF3 etc etc.. i mean there are still cs 1.6 matches, but not as much as at the time i've played it

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