Counter Strike 1 6 and Crossfire Graphics Comparison 1

37 thoughts on “Counter Strike 1 6 and Crossfire Graphics Comparison 1

  1. Cf is more easier than cs 1.6,the knives is more better it takes more damage than cs knives.but cf cant have modded weqpons and cs can have modded weapons or skins.

  2. The crossfire just copy cs because although the cf's version sucks when people die in cf they do a backflip that gone wrong and the gun just like a sticker that stick on to the ground when they are dead the update don't do anything in cf

  3. Crossfire because counter trike is no password and just all bot at it cant even rank up and the guns like a old guns but the crossfire is my best game because they cannot gonna hack my account ????

  4. crossfire is the best. cf has permanent gun. not like cs everytime always must to buy. and very little choice of weapon. maybe they have 3D (csgo). its the same thing just the graphic is better than before. in the end CF is my favourite.

  5. CF has more game modes than CS:GO anyway… The graphics are similar but CSGO is better graphics.Also, CF is free, it has more guns, more characters, more maps, more everything apart from CSGO's graphics being a TINY TINY bit better…

  6. You guys need to understand and think, don't say that CF is the shitty version or copied version of CS:GO, think very hard and know that CF is an inspiration, not a Ripped off game.

  7. Why make this comparison?
    One game is alot more older
    one game is much more newer
    that is not fair compare that game then with Cs source because cs go already won

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