Console + Controller Fortnite Is More BROKEN Than EVER! (PS4/Xbox Fortnite – Season 8)

In this video today we’re gonna be discussing how broken the performance of console/controller Fortnite has been recently. About a month and a half ago, I made a video that was titled something along the lines of “console and controller Fortnite are broken, here’s why.” And in that video, I highlighted a bunch of the major issues that ps4, xbox, and controller on PC players deal with on a daily basis. Around that time, the disadvantages of console players specifically was a pretty popular…

40 thoughts on “Console + Controller Fortnite Is More BROKEN Than EVER! (PS4/Xbox Fortnite – Season 8)

  1. When im in the lobby I can barley move every time

    ONLY in the lobby. Also my audio cuts out whenever I start a party on xbox without inviting everyone

  2. If it's bad for you XBOX and PS4 users, it's completely and utter hell for us switch players. Frames drop like crazy when in the final zone (almost in the 10s) and people phase through my builds like crazy.

  3. So they DID break building. Dude, I am pissed that building broke last update. In fact, I think it's been broken since season 6 TBH. I swear every time I try building and swapping back to my guns in combat, it sticks me into a slot I don't want to use or keeps me in edit mode until I DIE. I really hate this last update. Worst one ever.

  4. There’s also a glitch that if you shoot any gun and build a ramp at the same time your gun shoots without you having no control of it and it keeps shooting by itself until you shoot it that one is the most annoying glitch

  5. what about the glitch when you place a building for example, a floor but freeze because your in the middle of the build. most of the time i die in build offs because of this

  6. Honestly I would disagree in terms of me lagging in the game it’s gotten a lot better but the only real glitch I get is the auto fire glitch when I’m not even pressing the controller it shoots the gun itself. But other than that everything about this game is better IMO

  7. I play with controller on both PC and my PS4…I actually haven't had any of the problems on either platform mentioned in the video. I DID have a huge glitch problem where I fell through the map in Pleasant one time, but that was a one time occurrence.

  8. I play on Nintendo Switch. I've seen the 3:45 a few times. Clears up fast though. worst for me is controller response. in up close fights if I hit the right moves. shoot switch shoot. it's like I didn't do anything. the more players in close proximity the worse it gets. thought it was my controller. guess not. I just started playing 3 weeks before end of season 7. got better then the past week in season 8 I felt like I was getting worse. thought I was losing my mind. also my auto pick up hasn't been working for weapons, especially from chests.

  9. I own an xbox one s and season 8 is just impossible to play i want to have fun while playing fortnite but everyone is a pro and the amount of game breaking bugs in fortnite is just stupid i cant have a build battle without someone fading through a wall i built 2 seconds after i build it or if someone cones me and i jump around to the side and try to build i get a lag spike causing my frame rate to tank if epic game dont fix it i might just stick to save the world

  10. I had a glitch where I was playing and I was lagging ALOT and having 200 ping simultaneously. I checked what server I was on and it said ‘Asia’, even though I always have it on NA-East.
    I’ve never had any of the glitches listed in this video but with my luck I’m probably gonna get to experience them later/soon.
    My switched server glitch may be why people are experiencing FPS drop and lag. The phasing through builds is the worst. When I was playing with that server on, I had like 15fps at spawn island.

  11. The reason why fortnite is so buggy currently is because of all the stuff epic is adding, think about it. Epic added a volcano and cannons and hamster balls, lava physics. Of course it’s gonna be laggy. Just wait for patches.

  12. I play on the one s so my console is not that old and I don’t experience that many performance issues but I think that things have gotten worse. I wish fortnite would optimize its game better for console and give them more options to control the performance of the game.

  13. Turning building is just fucked I’m holding RT on xbox to replace my walls keep in minds I play 48 ping and someone can just come smash my wall and replace while I’m facing it and holding the replace wall trigger THIS IS BULSHIT

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