Clash of Clans "Win More Attacks" Five Keys To Victory in Clash!

Clash Of Clans Attacks presents “Win More Attacks” – yes, it’s possible to win EVERY attack if you follow these five fundamentals in Clash of Clans!

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39 thoughts on “Clash of Clans "Win More Attacks" Five Keys To Victory in Clash!

  1. galladon try this attack strategy.1 full barack with dragons 2 other baracks with balloons and archers for clean up troops.
    spells 2x heal and 3x rage
    Or you can just put the amount of sroops you want from each
    but use the dragons balloons and archers

  2. First I actually really disliked Clash of clans, sounded like some random Mobile Game which will just cost me a lot of money, but it's actually really fun and its awesome how much strategie is in it 😛

  3. Hey. I found a really good th8 attack strategy if anyone would like to know it. You can get a lot of loot and 2 stars if you use the troops right and it is anything below a mid-level th8 base

  4. Were new.clan looking for good people ti play with we dont need immatures. We need matured people who can follow rules. We have troops. We need people. Dragon user if posible.

    Rawlings Force

  5. UGH, could you please keep the Peter17$ garbage to the designated PETER videos?  It's the ONLY ANNOYING THING about watching you Galadon, I love your videos and I'm sure you have a large fan base that loves Peter too but I don't think I'm alone when I say it's childish and ridiculous and I love that you name your PETER videos appropriately so I can avoid them. 

  6. Looking For A Clan?
    Take a look at My NEW Clan! and consider joining!
    Name: Goldblooded 
    Member count: 17 
    Clan Rules:
    We Have Wars twice a week  Do Good In Wars Or You Will Get Kicked!
    you need to have at least 70 war stars on your profile to prove you know how to attack
    Donate What Is Asked, New People Donate Before Requesting.
    Elder Is Earned: through activity and getting stars in clans wars and helping newer members out 
    No Rushed Bases And Town Hall 7 And Above Only!
    Be Active!!!- we expect high donations as well as your requesting for troops a lot as it shows you are active
    English Speakers Only!
    Most Of All Have Fun!!!

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