Clash of Clans – Forums vs Reddit Recap!

Team Forum v Team Reddit Clash of Clans Live Event! War Recap from the CoC Livestream Event. 24 of the best attacks at TH9, TH10 and TH11 are showcased in the video. Time stamps are linked below so feel free to skip ahead to any featured attack strategy. Apologies for the patchy voice I have been suffering with a cold all week but tried my best, the odd audio issue as well. Enjoy and Clash On!


00:01:58 – TH9: Queen…

9 thoughts on “Clash of Clans – Forums vs Reddit Recap!

  1. Awesome recap buddy! Thanks for the mention. 🙂 I like the time stamps you've added into the description. With my attack, I did know that last bomb spot was there but I was concerned about the damage the top hogs were taking and wasn't sure if I'd have enough left as they made their way down, so I dropped the 2nd heal earlier than planned. But was confident it'd still be ok. And did work out in the end. Unfortunately, while I had planned to do a video on my attack itself, the replays of the attacks all disappeared shortly after 24hrs and I never got to record them.

  2. man i always just check your videos, just to see you grow man been here since you had like 500 subscribers and now you have 15k subs, damm that is legit awesome

  3. some very good attacks and moves all over! beautiful videos and i miss your voice haha! hope you recover from your cold! looking forward to some th9 strategy guide videos:) peace out!

  4. Judo sloth good ducumentary but i give you some not bielivable happining guys the clan team forum is the clan maven haha it's so amzing clash of clans is so amazing the clan team furom is the clan maven clash of clans is change the name maven to Team Furom so what clash of clans do to change the name of clan maven to clan team furom hahahaha and finally im know what iis the base of my idol galadon

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