Clash Of Clans | 5 Must Watch 3 Star Attacks (TH9 and TH10)

Hey Clashers! Today I’m bringing you a SUPER exciting highlight reel from our latest 50/50 event with Rigoletto and the ByeForever Clan. I decided to give you all a bonus sized 3 star strategy special featuring the following attacks with tips and commentary by yours truly:

1) Hocus Pocus (Mass Witch) 3 Star vs TH10 by Lil Herber (with major hero disadvantage)

2) TH10 3 Star GoHoWiGi by Sam I Am

3) TH9 3 Star Surgical GoHoWiWi by Mlingy86

4) TH9 3 Star GoHoLoWiWi (mouthful) by…

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