Black Ops 4: Blackout Vs Fortnite: Battle Royale – Which Is Best? | Versus

Battle royale continues to dominate video games in 2018, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode is the biggest new entry to the genre. But is it better than Fortnite? Find out what we think in this week’s Versus.

20 thoughts on “Black Ops 4: Blackout Vs Fortnite: Battle Royale – Which Is Best? | Versus

  1. well fortnite started without anything rewarding, not a battle pass nor a leveling aspect, you were just starting a game and they randomly give you a character, So I think the way blackout started is really good. 10:30

  2. fortnite should have been made on april 1st because its a joke Blackout is better i dont like fortnite all we here to day is fortnite fortnite fortnite i,m sick of it Black Ops 4 is way better fortnite CAN GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Great Thoughts. Really compelling arguments, would really appreciate if everyone went and checked out our first video, same concept just different points. Leave some constructive criticism and give some support

  4. man it's an easy decision based on connection Black Ops connection is terrible we're talkin 82 150 ping for me vs fortnite I can get anywhere from 40 to 60 or 70 ping way better connection and hit detection

  5. You could compare, lets say black ops 2 and it would win by far because of zombies, graphics, campaign, multi-player and game play. Seriously, why compare two games like this when cod black ops 4 is better by far

  6. Legit just stop.. I’m on neither sides but this fighting in the comments is childish touch your senses, I have been a cod fan but some cod have been dog shit like 3 world wars and ect. They are games… don’t give me that salty wave of children…. why fight if you love the games so much just go play it instead of embarrassing yourself. It’s sad some people are so mad over some dumb games. It’s called an opinion and if you don’t know how about you stop being lazy and go look it up.

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